The academy of development is at the center of what we do. It’s a place for performers and musicians to grow and develop. We allow young people to express themselves in a fun and creative environment and give young people a voice that can be heard on a main stage.

All our activities take place during term time at Birmingham Conservatoire in a group setting and taught by experienced and qualified tutors.

Each lesson runs in term time on a Sunday and Monday. Sunday sessions take place at 16:00 – 18:00 and Monday sessions 18:30 – 20:30. Students will need to commit to both days in order to enroll on the academy.

Ages are from 6 – 13 (APAA JuniorZ) and 14 – 24

Academy of development is split in five areas.

Vocal Development

At APAA we believe everyone has the ability to sing. Singing is an art and something that can be taught. Why not join APAA’s weekly sessions in vocal development?

Weekly sessions in vocal development covers:

  • Breath control
  • Pronunciation and articulation
  • Pitch
  • Harmonic techniques
  • Vocal blend
  • Amplification and resonance

Performance Development

Performing is skill. The ability to allow the audience to come into your world is an art that is often underrated. At APAA we treat the performance as equal to the vocal. Join APAA’s weekly sessions in performance development and find out why.

Weekly sessions in performance development covers:

  • Confidence building
  • Stage presence
  • Choreography
  • Mic techniques
  • Audience engagement
  • Group chemistry

Music Development

Music Development is important for young people who are interested  developing a career in music and the arts. Not only does it provide young people with hands-on experience, contextual and instrumental knowledge necessary to gain footing as a professional musician in today’s industry but it also helps young people to gain confidence, self-esteem, forge friendships, as-well-as develop valuable communication, listening, team work and leadership skills that are transferable through all aspects of their life.

  • Ensemble skills
  • Confidence
  • Music theory
  • Instrumental knowledge
  • Expansion of repertoire
  • Live event experience

Technical Development

Technical and sound engineering is an important aspect to any performance and often underrated. Getting the tech right is equally as important as getting the vocal and performance right. This unique area of development of the academy takes you from center stage and provides you with knowledge and experience as to how performances/events work back stage.

  • Sound engineering
  • Rigging up
  • Real life event experience
  • Understanding briefs
  • Lighting

Professional Development

Being professional is embedded in every aspect of the academy. Learning to sing, dance, perform and play an instrument is just not enough in this day and age. Employers like individuals who are punctual, committed and know how to be professional. This unique aspect of the academy sets students up to take on the real world through offering paid work, which is transferable to all employment.

  • Arts Award opportunities
  • Interview/Audition skills
  • Contract signing
  • Commitment
  • Paid employment
  • Group work/communication

To join APAA applicants will need to pay a weekly subscription of £3 that will give access to all areas of the academy of development. Applicants must also undertake an audition/interview and be able to commit to both the weekly sessions.

For for more information on the academy of development or to enroll contact us now!