Aston Performing Arts Academy (APAA) formerly launched in the summer of 2001 following the huge success of a two week performing arts program engaging 70 inner city children in music, music theory, dance and drama. This unique initiative brought an innovative entertaining approach to learning. Over the years APAA continued to deliver quality performing arts activities engaging hundreds of young people from across the city. A long standing relationship with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s ensured APAA were able to produced dynamic showcases performed in prestigious venues annually. ArtFest and Music for Youth festivals were annual dates for the diary.

APAA currently aims to provide music and performance and creative arts programs and performance opportunities for young people from ‘inner city’ areas of Birmingham. All of the programs are delivered outside of school hour’s evenings and weekends.

APAA have assembled quality staff of the highest caliber through active partnerships with Birmingham City University’s Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham School of Acting and Birmingham’s Symphony Hall’s Education dept. and CBSO.

All rehearsals and lessons are conducted at the Birmingham Conservatoire, APAA’s home base in Birmingham City Centre.

APAA is self-funding and heavily relies on voluntary input from personnel and in-kind resources from our longstanding partners.  APAA continues to thrive on its community feel, which has derived from the commitment demonstrated by volunteers, active partners, tutors, students, friends and community family.

APAA believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn new things, to turn distant dreams into actual reality. Young musicians and singers are being created through this unique arts initiative. The vision is to continue to provide quality tuition and performance opportunities to young people throughout Birmingham.